Thanks to Google analytics, I am able to see the live traffic to my website on a daily basis. Subsequently I know that I am talking to real people who stop by my website and I wish to say thank you for stopping by.

I know that the majority of my visitors are from the United States, with thousands stopping by, followed by France; again thousands of you stop by on a daily basis, thank you. Canadians are my third most frequent visitors with thousands stopping by, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Philippines, Nigeria, Ghana and Brazil are on par to visit my website in the thousands and again I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. To Russia, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, UK, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Poland, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Malaysia, and New Zealand; from the bottom of my heart thank you for also visiting my website and I sincerely look forward to having the most wonderful relationship with you.

I would like to extend my welcome by asking you to support me and my hard work. I work tirelessly to get all my books published and delivered to you. Lots of human and financial resources have been involved and subsequently I am asking that you purchase my books. I have tried to make the books affordable and accessible since you can now download my books at $3.99 with the exception of Forces Of Forces Of Changing Traditions with a charge of $4.19. Reason being  my latest update.

Your support will enable me to publish more books. I intend to publish The Confident Nerds, My Relationship With Yahweh And Yeshua and many more if I am allowed the time and that is dependent on your support. I would love to have events in the form of workshops all over the world to tackle the social issues I write about and again, this is dependent on the support that I get from you.

I am therefore kindly asking for your support to buy my books. You can get my books from bookstores, Amazon and right here by down loading all my books which I would be most grateful for. I really appreciate it and in the mean time, please spread the word through whatever means.

Peace and One Love;

Andrew Beckford.


Are you looking to book Andrew for a talk, or hear him give one?  Whatever the case, you can now see Andrew’s calendar, where and when he’ll be speaking. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to use the Contact Us page with your questions.



Andrew has a passion for helping others whether it is by supporting others with social issues or by giving advise on problems that they might face in life. Now you can hear from him too by contacting him via his email; beckfordandrew@yahoo.co.uk.

Andrew is delighted to inform you all that he is available for talks, workshops and other appointments. If you wish to hear him talk about social issues in schools or any other institutions. You can contact him through his email address.

If you wish to see his upcoming events, please visit the calender page for more details.

He is free for the following dates:

Monday 23rd October – Friday 27th October 2017

Thursday 21st December 2017 – Friday 2nd January 2018

Monday 12th February – Friday 16th February 2018

Friday 30th March – Friday 13th April 2018

Monday 28th May – Friday 1st June 2018

Thursday 25th July – Friday 31st August September 2018

If you would like to book Andrew please send him a message via the Contact Us page with details of where you would like Andrew to talk, the dates and the times, and Andrew will contact you to confirm the details.