Andrew Beckford was born in St Andrew of Jamaica. He has always had a flair for writing. Andrew realized his love for writing while at Ardenne High School and this, for him, became a hobby which led him to explore, and grow a passion for, writing poetry. He describes writing as a way of escapism and even has gone as far as to describe it as a powerful tool that has changed his life.

After graduating from Ardenne High School, he then went to Mico Teachers’ College. It was a time when he did not feel comfortable enough to express himself in any way, although his imagination was very much alive. Later, he went on to be a teacher and it was then that he started to realize the importance of writing. He believed that all he had seen, experienced and dreamt about had to be expressed in some art form. However, he still did not get the time to write, even while at University of the West Indies. Perhaps because the experiences he had encountered were not strong enough for him to write about or perhaps, at the time, he had so much to do in organizing his time and ensuring that his studies were up to scratch.

He then moved to the United Kingdom where he worked for a Science and Technology Industry, and then furthered his studies at a University in Manchester, England, where he was successful at his studies. During this period of his life, he had a lot of time on his hands; quite the opposite of being at University of the West Indies or at University of Mico Teachers’ College, and so he had to find something to do. He started to use his time carefully and hence began to write the manuscript for A Boy’s Cry. It is interesting to note that his first attempted penned manuscript was A Boy’s Cry and yet he completed this manuscript after completing Forces Of Changing Traditions which will be out in January 2016.


His passion for writing became a reality after he lived in England and there he saw a world, he just never knew existed. He saw things in England that made him realize that he was living a sheltered life in Jamaica and that what he saw in Jamaica was only a glimpse of the real world. As he experienced more, and learnt more about life and the real world, he knew that he had no choice but to put as much as possible on paper. It was the only way that he could feel confident, helpful and subsequently, having a purpose for life.

Currently, Andrew teaches in London; England at a special needs school focused on emotional, behavioral difficulties (EBD) in London and he enjoys the challenges of his job. He also loves writing now more than ever, knowing he has many stories to share with the world, and many people to help through his words.