Distractions or Reality of the times

When I learnt of Donald Trump calling developing countries ****holes, I took with a pinch of salt because I knew that it was all a strategy to keep our eyes off the ball. The intentions worked, but for those who knows beeter will understand that there are developing or developed countries anymore. Not that there ever was because we are all living in a deluded world.  The truth of the matter is that there is no USA, UK, France, South Africa, or if you want to narrow it down to continents suit yourselves. The truth is we are already in a globalised world or a new world order which has been made possible by technology. Although it is not at its fullest, in three to five years we shall see the fullness of this. It is not my desire to see this, however we cannot deny this with facts such as a cashless society being forced on the world; look at India for example with a population of more that 1.3 billion and they all have gotten their retina scanned and their finger prints for that national id and it was mandatory. It was all to ensure that they are all integrated into the beast of the one world government so let us not fool ourselves that countries or borders exist anymore, otherwise we will pay dearly for our delusions. Eventually everyone will be able to work for any country within our own country and that is already becoming widespread. Are we sitill placing our heads in the sand? I would like us to now look on some other realities because whether you like it or not we are being distracted and controlled by race, religion and the economy.

Charlottesville: White supremacist groups clash with anti-far right protesters. 3 died. KKK hails Donald Trump for supporting them. My friends, let us put this into its right prospective.

It appears to me as if this is leading to a civil war in the USA. hopefully I am talking crap here, but it might very well end up like it did in Syria. Let us face it, this has been happening before Donald Trump. Remember the demonstrations and riots during Obama’s time when the black civilians were killed by police (black lives matter) and when three policemen were killed in Dallas, leading to a widespread demonstration across the USA. The main cities to be affected were Minneapolis, Ferguson, Missouri in 2014, Dallas, Baltimore in 2015 and other notable places. In a way, it is true that the civil war has already begun; however, not at the scale of the great civil war in the USA between 1861 and 1865 between the Unionist and the Confederates. The Union won. This my friends was about slavery and race. In the interim, please understand that North Korea’s threat is still in the background. For now, let us forget about black lives matter because the White supremacist groups and anti-far right protesters are mainly white people at the front of this battle now so where does the black fits in, that would be at a later time.

Let me say that we had world war 1 and world war 2 and both wars were not fought due to safeguarding our democracy, freedom or freedom of rights. Both wars and previous wars were all developments of a dangerous and sinister plan to advance the new world order. Think about it, out of world war 1 came the League Of Nations in 1919 and the League Of Nations later developed as the United Nations where they were able to have all the nations together under one house. We later had the Council Of Foreign Relations and they too amongst other sinister organisations have an agenda and that was to establish a new world order. My friend, if you want to understand just how sinister this has been, then listen to perhaps the only sincere President of the USA; John F Kennedy. What happened to him after that last speech? He was shot dead like a dog in the street. You see, all them presidents must follow instructions or else they too will be murdered and that includes Donald Trump. You see, race or colour is only used as a means to an end and that is all.

It is part of the plan to cause chaos and confusion. The divide and rule policy still applies. Donald Trump did not hire Omarasa for nothing and I can tell you that she is good, but do not think that her brain is being used as she feels like otherwise she will get the sack. We must understand that all of this is a continuation of the war that started in heaven and will be finished here on earth. Everyone here is on a side. It is either the side of satan or the side of Yahweh and I believe that there are more than a 1/3 of the world on the side of satan. Remember that satan took 1/3 of the angels with him and they are tormenting us to this day.

So my point here is that this White supremacist groups clash with anti-far right protesters is beyond what you are seeing and is all leading to a full on spiritual warfare. Remember that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, and AGAINST SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS IN HIGH PLACES. Have you ever heard of Cern? The anti-matter counterpart of the simplest matter. This where it is said that with this machine, the underworld can come into our world and whether or not this is true, the very idea tells us that man on his own can’t be putting all of this together. There is something supernatural behind all of this and they really; their intent is to destroy us.

We are yet to see the worse to come because whether you believe it or not each and everyone of us will eventually be in the midst of this battle and it will not be like that great civil war where the army fought and the civilians were relatively safe, no, it will involve you (as in Syria and eventually, it will not matter where you are as there will be no hiding place for anyone) directly and as I pointed out to you race is only used as an excuse to get these acts through but it is more than that and they know it.

In the end, I can only say, we can never die because we are more spirits and souls embodied in this body, so the body will decay but immediately after your death, the real you lives on (I might be wrong, but I am convinced about this), where you go is between you and the most high. Hence I try my best to follow his commandments as he has left us his guide and that is his bible. Pointless to only read it and not follow it through. PEACE.


Andrew Beckford, the author of A Boy’s Cry and The Missing Fathers and Forces Of Changing Traditions.

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by Andrew Beckford.

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