Who are we as a people?

A thought came to my mind and I am not so sure whether I shall be condemned for this thought but I shall share it anyway. A very close one to me said the following; “We are spiritual beings having human experiences”. She got me thinking because I have thought like that before but knowing that I cannot trust my own mind, I knew that my mind would go further, perhaps where it should not. Anyway, I wondered to myself; when I was one or even two I could not recall where I was, what I have done, how I came about as I sure did not remember being in my mother’s womb and these questions led to the ultimate thought. If I cannot remember of those times of my own existence and possibly the same will happen to me when I get much older, then is it possible that I existed in another world at some point in time before I was born? It became more troublesome to me when I remembered from the bible where Yahweh said that he knew everyone of us before we were even born. MMM. Well what about when we die, do we actually die? Sure your body dies but remember, we are spiritual beings having human experiences.

Sure God made Adam and Eve and he blew the breath of life in them. Well that breath of life my friends are the souls that keeps us alive and without that breath we die. But Yahweh is also able to use our body to take in another spiritual being. With the help of the Holy Spirit, Yahweh himself used the bloodline of David to bring Yeshua/Jesus into this world. Remember when the people saw John the Baptist people thought that it was Elijah who came back and Yeshua himself said that Elijah had return and the people did not recognize him. Although this has nothing to do with spirits having a human experience, the transfiguration shows that spirits can come into this realm even without the embodiment of a human.

Now this is where it gets scary/crazy and if you have heard of this before please let me know. Yeshua said no man on earth is good, not one. I look and see humans including myself and as usual Yeshua is always correct there is no one that I know to be good. It even appears to me as if we all have our demons and most of us are able to hide it but not for long. Our minds are so carnal, evil and wicked that I am very careful of being close to anyone; trust me on this one. There is a potential in everyone of us to even decipher each other and in most cases we will kill our own fellow beings to get what we want. I watch the programme fatal attractions and it scares me to see so many women and men murdering their own beloved wife, husband, girlfriend or husband most times for money, insurance and sometimes jealousy. The reality is that it happens so often that you cannot blame someone from being single or even being lonely on purpose. Who are we really that we could be so wicked and evil; sometimes I get thoughts in my head that makes me feel ashamed of myself so I know that I am very much affected like everyone. Could it be that we were all from another dimension and come into this human form and are just waiting for that other scenario of our lives; but we were all wicked from the start. I must admit that I honestly believe that there are few who are not as bad as others, but very few.

Forgive me for entertaining this thought, but what if we were part of the rebellious group in heaven and this has been blocked from our memory. What if Yahweh is giving us a second chance here and so the ultimate test is here on earth. It frightens me to think like this but what if?

Let us face it we have all done some wrong. Stealing, racism, greed, lying, fornication, adultery and the list goes on, but what has caused us to do these things? I know that for me there are some other forces that influence my behaviour by the second and they are all around us. It is these evil spirits that makes us .

who we are and we do not even know it. How do we stop them; for me Jesus or Yeshua is the key, however most times, my free will completely ignores this and so I continue to delve in the dark and that goes into my subconscious and then that becomes me. My subconscious is what makes me who I am and so whatever my demons are it becomes me and it is almost impossible to stop unless I take that bold step to deprogramme myself and even that is almost impossible so what do I do? I am afraid that I do not have the answer to that except to pray that the Holy Spirit will do that job for me. It is tough to accept that we are all in hell on earth and it is becoming clearer by the minute. Satan is definitely the leader on earth but he is not in control and that is what we must remember. He is not in control, unless you and I allow him. It is also important to accept that it is not very easy to get rid of him and his multiple demons because the beast (technology, internet) is at its peak and all we are waiting for is its mark and then hell will let loose.



By Andrew Beckford;
Teacher and
Author of: Forces Of Changing Traditions. (2018)

This blog was inspired by the book Forces Of Changing Traditions which can be downloaded on this site and can both the ebook and paperback are available at Amazon. Please share the blog and spread the word.

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